Hunt-a-Kit Service

Is there a kit you've been wanting but you just can't get your hands on?  Worry no more, the Ho's got you! 

With my Hunt-a-Kit service, you can let me know what kit you're itching for and one of our Ho's will go on a hunt to find that kit for you! 


Interested in checking out the service? 

Sounds like a plan!  Please fill out this form and one of our team members will be reaching out to you shortly!  Please review the frequently asked questions for more details. 

Hunt-a-Kit Form


Frequently Asked Questions: 


- What is the Hunt-a-Kit service? 

Just like the name suggests, you let us know what kit you're looking for, and once we go over the details, we'll go on a hunt to find that kit for you! 


How does the service work? 

It's actually pretty simple!  Let us know what kit you're looking for, what budget you're working with (mostly to get a good idea if you're being realistic when it comes to hard-to-find kits and how prices fluctuate for them).  We'll let you know when we're starting to hunt and reach out to you as soon as we find anything in the market to see if you're interested in the price.

Once we agree on a price, we'll get that kit shipped over to our warehouse (shipping times may be long, since sometimes we find them internationally) and we let you know as soon as we have it ready to be sent to you. 


How long does it take for me to get the kit?  

This is a tricky question, which is best answered with: it depends.  We first have to locate the kit, review it with you, purchase it and have it shipped over to us so it can then be sent to you once we receive it.   

The model kit market is very scarce in the US currently, so most of the time we're hunting internationally and this might cause longer waiting periods, so we do ask that you bear with us! 


- How much does the service cost? 

The service doesn't have a set cost so to say, mainly because the market price for hard-to-find kits fluctuates, but you better believe we hunt for the best available prizes and keep you filled in every step of the way.  

However, we ask for a 10% non-refundable fee upfront on certain cases to keep our financial safety just in case.  It's more of a guarantee that the transaction will be followed through and we don't end up paying for a kit that the client will not follow-through on.  But in all honesty, we've never had to enforce this, we've had great success with the service and our clients love it!